Saturday, September 15, 2007

Puppies Pet Shop 6th Anniversary (Special Price)

Visit our Store to get specialdiscount.
For this month Only......
- Pet Forest Canned cat food onlyRp.7.500,-/400gr
- Supreme Cat Food Rp.45.000,-/1.58kg
- Bush Canned Dog Food Only Rp.25.000,-/1.2kg
- Pet Forest Dog Food Rp.110.000,-/8kg
- Proffesional Formula Dog FoodRp.230.000,-/22.68kg
- Nice Coat Shampoo All VariantDiscount 15%
- Patento Collar Made in Germany Disc20%
- Eukanuba Biscuit Discount 20%
- Bio Groom Shampoo Discount 10%
- Pet Forest Cat food Rp.145.000,-/8kg
- Country Squire Dog Food Made in USA Rp.275.000,-/22.68kg
- America's Best Cat Litter Free Pet Forest Canned Cat Food

And Many More.........

For Further Information Please Contact
Puppies Pet Shop
jl.Kutei no.64
Tel. +62-31-5610908
Fax. +62-31-5676084

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Special OFFER (June 07)

Buy 1 bag of
Supreme High Protein (made in USA)
IDR 280.000,- / 40lbs(18,16kg)


1 Pouch Bio Biscuit (made in Canada)

For Further Information Please Contact
Puppies Pet Shop
Jl.Kutai 64
Surabaya - Indonesia
Tel : +62(31)-5610908
E-mail :

This Promotion Only valid in june 2007
*While Stock Last*

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Solution For Flea & Ticks Problem (fast acting & cheap price)

Bansect Flea & Tick Collar (Made in USA)

with Double Layer ProtectionWorks Like a Powder & Works Like Spray
- Fast Acting
- Long Lasting Protection for 6 Months
- Fresh Powder Scent

Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs
Net wt 0.9 oz (25g)
Price IDR 22.000,-

Flea & Tick Collar for Cats
Net wt 0.5 oz (14g)
Price IDR 22.000,-

For Further Information please contact:
Puppies Pet Shop
Jl.Kutai 64
Surabaya - Indonesia
Tel : +62(31)-5610908

Friday, March 2, 2007

This March Promotion

Bio Groom Shampoo For Dogs & Cats

Buy 1 Get 1


Greenies Petite

This promotion only valid in march 2007

For further Information

Please Contact :

Puppies Pet Shop

Jl. Kutei 64 Surabaya

East Java - Indonesia

Phone Number : +62-31-5610908

Fax Number : +62-315676084

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Puppies Pet Shop Profile

Puppies Pet Shop is a pet shop located at Jl.Kutai 64 Surabaya

At this exclusive shop, you'll find anything that related to dogs & cats. Foods, toys, medicines, vitamins, grooming product, etc.........And of course with Fair price

We've got wide selection of exclusives brands
Dog Food : Eukanuba, Science Diet, Pedigree, Gold Formula, Alpo, Pet Forest, Country, Yammy, Tuffy's Gold Formula, Canine Selection, Optima, Hearty Choice, Tresor, etc

Biscuits & Snacks : Eukanuba Biscuit, Jerhigh Jerky, Greenies, Snack Bone, Everest Rawhide, Dentastix, Ziggies, Bio Biscuits, etc

Cat Food : Iams, Whiskas, Meow Mix, Alley Cat, Snappy Tom, Science Diet Feline, Friskies, Machiko, My Dear Cat, Tuffy Cat Food, etc

Shampoo : 8 in 1, dino"s, bio-groom, nice coat, hartz shampoo, st.aubrey, prins, machiko, Sergeant's, etc

Vitamin : Nutriplus gel, sure grow, vi-sorbits, calcidee, nutricoat, velcote, hartz vitamin, Vetzyme, Cafortan, etc

Puppies Pet Shop is an autorished dealer of

- Eukanuba Dog Food (Made in USA)

- Bio Groom Shampoo For dogs & cats (Made in USA)

- ROGZ accesories (Made in South Africa)

- Sergeant's Pet Supplies (Made in USA)

- Patento Accesories (Made in Germany)

- Pet Forest Dog Food (Made in Japan)

- Gold Formula Dog Food (Made in USA)

- Tuffy's Gold Formula (Made in USA)

- Hearty Choice (Made in USA)- Optima (Made in USA)

- Jerhigh Snacks (Made in Thailand)

- "Alley Cat" & "Meow mix" Cat Food (Made in USA)

- Bio Biscuits (Made in Canada)

Call us..... and we can deliver your order for FREE For outside Surabaya will be extra charged

Come and visit our shop and you'll find that our shop is "The Best Friend for Your Pets"
Business Hour :

Monday-Saturday 09.00 AM-07.00 PM

Sunday 10.00 AM-04.00 PM Closed on public holiday

Puppies Pet Shop

Jl.Kutai 64 Surabaya Indonesia

Phone : +62-31-5610908

Fax : +62-31-5676084